Marble Polishing

Luxurious surfaces deserve only the finest treatments

Quantum Hygiene is known for reliability and getting the job done correctly and always on the first service. Having a beautiful marble lobby is an impressive business statement but only if it is maintained properly. In most cases, marble common areas of properties endure a lot of traffic and therefore tend to wear out faster than other surfaces. We can implement a non-invasive and cost effective service plan for your professional maintenance needs and we can also instruct your cleaning staff to use the best products and methods for one-off as well as for daily cleaning.

We utilise mainly dust free methods and practices for servicing commercial properties, for the convenience and safety of your residents and patrons. We often perform periodic marble polishing to lobby floors, elevators, bathrooms, and reception desks. Regardless of what marble services you need to be done, trust us to be your go to marble polishing specialist. With experienced marble technicians and a positive work attitude, Quantum Hygiene will always get the job done right!

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Let us show you what we can do for you

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