Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter cleaning is an area most home owners neglect because they don't think it makes a difference. Having clean gutters allows for proper water flow and keeps excess water away from your home's foundation. Gutter cleaning, to us, is just as important as removing autumn leaves from your yard. Clean gutters also prevent dirt and mould build up inside your drainages.

If you do not regularly have your gutters cleaned, you could be paying a lot of money once the damage has already taken place. A gutter full of leaves will cause backup of water, which will in turn cause rotting of your siding, adjacent wood trim around the fascia, and many other areas where the water meets the wood of your property. When a gutter becomes full, you can only imagine the things that live and grow inside them. With leaves, root build up, and sitting water, they are a breeding ground for insects like spiders, cockroaches, ants, and even snakes, which you do not want to think about living in your property. They also become full of bacteria, mould, and other fungi. It is not a pretty picture and it isn’t something that you should deal with on your own. Trust Quantum Hygiene as your professional and reliable gutter cleaning experts and your worries will cease to exist!

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